二十六、 Planning The Future 计划将来

Hey, have you decided how you're going to vote?


  376. What time are you going to leave for the airport tomorrow?你明天打算什么时候去机场?

No, I haven't.


  377. Is he coming to dinner? 他回来吃饭吗?

I don't like any of the candidates.


  378. I'm going to the bookstore. Will you go with me? 我要去书店,你和我去吗?

So you aren't going to vote?

这个周末你有空吗? Are you free this weekend?

  379. They're going to discuss it at the meeting next Friday.他们将在下周五的会上讨论这个问题。

Hemmmm, I don't know, probably not.


  380. I'll be waiting for you at the restaurant this time tomorrow.我明天这时候在餐馆等你。

亚洲城88,It seems like a waste of time.

Yes, I am. (嗯,有空。)

  381. After I get home, I'll call you. 到家以后,我会给你打电话。

回答no时,用“No, I have plans.”(不,我有安排。) “No, I'm going skiing.” (不,我要去滑雪。)

  382. How will you spend the evening? 你晚上干什么?


我们还可以再见面吗? Could I see you again?

  383. I'll probably stay home and watch TV. 我可能会呆在家看电视。

Why do you think it's a waste of time?

能给我你的电话号码吗? Could you give me your phone number?

  384. What's your plan for the summer holiday? 暑假计划干什么?

Have you listened to any of their speeches?

我们在哪儿见面? Where shall we meet?

  385. I'm thinking about a visit to Paris. 我在考虑去巴黎旅游。

Yes, I have, and I agree that the speeches aren't very good.

要我开车去接你吗? Shall I come to pick you up?

  386. There's going to be a pottery exhibition at the art gallery.艺术馆将有一次陶瓷展。


pick up“开车去接某人”。

  387. You are still thinking about a Ph.D., aren't you?你还是想学成博士,是吗?

I can't believe anything they say.

你今天下午有安排吗? Are you doing anything this afternoon?

  388. What will you do about it? 你会拿这事怎么办?

They are just saying what they think we want to hear.

No, nothing special. (没有,没有什么特别的安排。)

  389. What do you want to do after graduation? 你毕业后想干什么?

Sure they wanna get elected.


  390. I'll further my study. 我想继续深造。

I admit that the system isn't perfect, but it's all we have.

Yes, I have to work. (嗯,我得工作。)

Whether I vote or not won't make a difference.

= Do you have plans for this afternoon?

It's all a show.

= Are you busy this afternoon? (今天下午你忙吗?)

和我一起吃晚饭,好吗? How about having dinner with me?

Well, I think you should vote.

Sounds great! (那太好了!)

Do a little research about the candidates?

= How about dinner? (一起吃晚饭怎么样?)

Have you?

= Let's have dinner together. (让我们一起吃晚饭吧。)

Yes, I have.

我们干嘛不去看棒球比赛呢? Why don't we go to see a baseball game?

I've looked into the backgrounds, and education.

Why don't we ...? “为什么不……呢?”

How can that help?

Yeah! (好啊!)Let's go see a baseball game!

For example, if they know something about science, it could help the government make better decisions about issues such as climate change. 

真对不起,我另有安排。 Sorry, I'm tied up.

Yes, that's a good point.

be tied up“受(时间的)约束”。

We need well educated people making decisions.

= Sorry, I have plans.

And I look to see what kind of people are supporting them.

= Sorry, I'm busy. (对不起,我很忙。)

= I'm sorry, but I have other plans.

What issues do you think are most important?

实在对不起,恐怕不行。 I'm afraid I can't.

I guess for me, pollution, housing and taxes are important.

= I'm sorry but I can't.

I want to know how the government plans to deal with these issues.

谢谢您的邀请,可是…… Thanks for asking, but...

Yes, I agree with you.

Let's go out for a drink. (去喝一杯吧。)

Maybe I will vote, especially if we can get together and talk more about it.

= Thanks for asking, but I already made plans. (谢谢你的邀请,可是我有别的安排。)

= Thanks for the invitation, but... (谢谢您的邀请,可是……)

What about dinner tomorrow night?

另找时间可以吗? How about a rain check?

Sorry, I'm busy tomorrow night.

rain check指“(比赛、活动等)因雨天改期再赛时作为入场券的原票票根”。由因雨天中止或延期比赛而发给观众“rain check”引申为被邀请者因故不能接受邀请,而邀请继续有效的意思,“以后方便的时间”、“下次还有机会”。

Oh, that's too bad.

= Let's do it another time. (再找时间吧。)

Do you have any time in the next few days?

= Could we plan it for another day? (能找其他时间吧?)

I'll take you to a nice restaurant.

= Some other time. (再找其他时间吧。)

Actually, I'm quite busy.


But I may have some time Sunday afternoon.

I hope you can come.

We could have lunch somewhere near the office.


Sure, that works for me.

你什么时候方便? When is it convenient for you?

I'll give you a call on Saturday, and we can decide the details, OK?

生意场上、朋友之间均可用该句来决定约会的日子和时间。convenient “方便的,合适的”。

OK, I'll be looking forward to seeing which candidate you support.

When is it convenient for you? (你什么时候方便?)

I'm free on Friday. (星期五。)


What is a good time for you?

When is good for you?

什么时候? About what time?


Jack, what time do you want to go bowling? (杰克,你想什么时候去打保龄球呀?)

Whenever. I'm free all day. (什么时候都可以。我一整天都有空。)

Whenever you are free. (什么时间都行,只要你有时间。)

Any day is okay. (哪天都行。)

Any day of the week is fine. (星期几都行。)

Anytime is fine.

等你有时间的时候吧。When you have time.

我今天有空。I'm free today.

free 有“自由的,免费的”等多种意思,在这句里是“有空”的意思。

I have a lot of free time today. (今天我很空闲。)

I have nothing to do today. (我今天没什么要做的。)

明天我会很忙。I'll be busy tomorrow.

How about tomorrow? (明天怎么样?)

Sorry, I'll be busy tomorrow. (对不起,明天我会很忙。)

10号怎么样? How about the tenth?

要说“~号”的时候,像the tenth一样要在数字的后面加上-th。

你什么时候有空? When are you free?


When should we go? (咱们什么时候走?)

When are you free? (你什么时候有空?)

When are you free? (你什么时候有空?)

Friday after 3:00. (星期五3点以后有空。)

When are you available? * 一般的用法。

那天我不行。 That's a bad day for me.

那天我可以。That day is fine.

我什么时候去合适? When can I come over?

come over“顺便拜访”。

When can I visit? (我什么时候能去拜访您?)

When can I stop by? (我什么时候可以去你那儿坐坐?)

When can I drop by? (我什么时候可以去你那儿坐坐?)

你定时间吧。You decide when.

I'll leave it up to you. (全交给你了。)

It's your decision. (你定吧。)

你定地点吧。You decide where.

Wherever you want is okay. (哪儿都行,只要你觉得好。)


Is seven convenient for you?

When should I come? (我什么时候来合适?)

Is seven convenient for you? (7点你方便吗?)

Is seven okay for you?

你几点能来? When can you come over?

What time can you make it?

太早了吗? Is it too early?

太晚了吗? Is it too late?

就那个时间吧。It's a date.


Okay, see you then. (行,到时候见。)

Let's meet tomorrow at 7∶30. (明天7∶30见吧。)

回头见。 See you then.


准备好了吗? Are you ready?

No, not yet. (还没呢。)

= Ready yet?

= Are you all set? (好了吗?)

准备好了。 Ready.

= I'm ready.

= I'm all set.

还没准备好呢。 I'm not ready.

Ready. (准备好了。)

我们什么时候出发? What time shall we leave?


In about ten minutes. (大约10分钟以后。)

= What time do you want to leave? (你想几点走?)

= What time do we leave? (几点出门?)

= What time are we taking off? (我们几点走?)*比较随便的说法。

我们几点能到? What time do we arrive?

= When do we get there?

那,我们走吧。Let's get going.


I'll be ready in five minutes. (我5分钟就好。)

= Let's go.

= Let's take off.

= Shall we go? (我们可以走了吗?)

= Okay, let's go. (好了,走吧。)

= Let's hit the road!



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