二十五、 Talking About Neighbors And Friends 谈论邻居和朋友

Unit 3-1

L5 Unit 1-1 Listening

  361. Do you know Mary? 你认识玛丽吗?

listening 偷窃

Jessica was 35 years old. She graduatedfrom middle school 20 years ago. This year her middle school class had its 20thyear class forreunion. All of herclassmates and teachers were invited to attend. It’s to going to be held at thehotel, near where their school used to be. Like many other buildings, theschool had been torn down. It had been replaced by some of the apartmentbuildings.

  362. Sure. We are friends since primary school. 当然,我们从小学就是朋友了。

They were locked up the safe and the only

At first, she wasn’t sure if she could goto the reunion. One reason was that there wasn’t anyone in particular that shewanted to see. Another reason was that she was very busy. She was a workingmother, with a boy 8 years old and her husband who was rarely at home. Going tothe reunion meant that she would have to arrange someone to take care of thingswhile she was away. That wouldn’t be easy. She didn’t want to take her boy withher and her husband wouldn’ttake time

  363. Really? I was introduced to her just last weekend. 真的?上周末我才被介绍给她。

way to open the safe was with an 8-digits access code. Whoever got in the safe,

off from work.

  364. What is she doing now? 她现在干些什么呢?

must have back code.

Then she got a message from Sharon, one ofher classmates. Sharon was contacting people from their class andurgingeveryone to come. In the schooldays, she was class monitor, and now she was helping to organize the reunion. Theyexchanged the messages and Jessica said she couldn’tmake it. Then Sharon gave her a call and they talked for almost anhour. Sharon really wanted her to come and so dida couple ofJessica’s old friends. They were all wondering how shewas doing. None of them have seen or heard from her since graduation. They wereespecially curious since she hadn’t gone to their first reunion 10 yearsbefore.

  365. She told me she wanted to start a company. 她告诉我她想开公司。

As far as he knew, nobody else had it, or have

Jessica decided to arrange things so that

  366. Start a company? But I thought she would be a scholar.开公司?我原以为她会成为一个学者

ever asked to use it to get something from the safe.

she could go. Her husband finally agreed to take care of things while she was

  367. People are always changing, aren't they? 人总是在变,不是吗?

Only 2 people in the company wereauthorized to have the code. He had the code of course, and so did hisassistant, Sylvia. There was no reason for Salvia to take the documents, so hecouldn’t imagine thatit was her. Thatwould make sense and she was completely trustworthy.

away. He agreed to do it because her mother had offered to come and stay for a

  368. Yes, you're right. After all, she is smart enough to go into business.是啊,你说的对。毕竟,她完全有经商才智。

So somebody else must have the code and

while so Jessica could attend the reunion. Since he and her mother didn’t get

  369. But she doesn't have much experience. 但她没有太多经验。

stolen the document.

along, he decided to change his schedule and work from home for a few days. He

  370. You two don't have much contact? 你们俩没怎么联系吗?

She had a notoriously bad memory so she

really didn’t want her mother to come though he didn’t say so.

  371. No, I only wrote her one letter this year. 是的,今年我才给她写过一封信。

kept a lot of notes.

When she got to the reunion, she was

  372. And she? 她呢?

But Sylvia wasn’t that careless or

shocked. Everyone had aged so much and many of them were out of shape. Some who used to be good-looking had lost their looks

  373. She sent me a Christmas card last year. 去年寄过一张圣诞卡。


completely and others look much better and before. It was strange how time had

  374. Oh, that's not good. 哦,那可不好。

She had probably stored the code somewhere

changed people in such different ways. Anyway, she decided that since she was

  375. Yes, we should try to contact more. 是的,我们应该联系多点。

on her computer and the theft was able to get it from there.

there, she would try to enjoy it.

But who could he have been. Suddenly, he

L5 Unit 1-1 vocabulary

realized that there was a new IT guy in the office. He maintained the company’s

To replace something means to put something

computer network and provide technical support for the staffs. Perhaps he was

else in its ways. When something gets old and begins to break down, it may need

the guilt he wanted. If anyone could have done it, he certainly had the skills.

to be replaced.

He was a security expert and he had helped Sylvia stored something on her

To tear something down means break it

computer last week.

apart. To tear a person down means to hurt them by saying negative things about

Then john realized that nobody had done aproper background check on the guy. One of other engineers in the company hadrecommended him and he seemed nice. They had been in a hurry to hire someonefor the position so they didn’t check this background very carefully. Suddenly,he had a bad feeling. immediately, he used his smartphone to check thecompany’s bank accounts. To his horror, he found thata large amount of moneywasmissing


fromone of his accounts. There had a large withdraw earlier that morning,more than 75 thousand dollars. He then discovered that the money had been wiredto an account in another country. Sonot

To construct somethings means to build it

onlydid the IT guy get the access code for the safe,but he alsogot thelodgeinformation from the bank. This was a disaster. Johnimmediately called the police and reported the incident. He also called thebank to see if they could stop the transaction. Unfortunately, they said it wastoo late. thetransaction had gone

or put it together. Large construction projects include buildings, bridges and

through. Just then, john got an email with thesubject line, from the IT guy. It showedsmiley faceand said thank you for being so stupid. Don’t wasteyour time trying to find me. I’ve left the country and will never return. Bethankful that I didn’t everything in the account. This should a good lesson foryou. It was signed, your IT guy.

organizations. The opposite of constructive is destructive.

Unit 3-1 dialogue 评论和建议

To organize something means to arrange

Well, what did you think of my presentations.

things in elderly logical way. An organization is something that has a logical

Did you want me to be frank? I know we work

structure such as a well-managed company.

very hard on it.

To support something such an idea is to


help or add strength to it. The opposite of support is to undermine(逐渐削弱)or weaken.

me to it straight. I have my own opinion too. But I appreciate yourcomments and suggestions.

Public information is available to anyone

You said you had your own opinion about it.

who wants to know it. if a store is open to the public, it means anyone can

so how do you think of them.

come in.

I thought it went ok at first. But I could

Private information is not open to everyone

feel there were some bad transitions(过渡).

but it’s only available to trusted friend to family. Information about one’s

I think I spent too much time on some

secret hopes or dreams is usually private.

slides and didn’t express them well.

Confidential information is secret

I agree on most points. But to me, it was

information. Confidential is not supposed to be shared with others.

flat. 5 minutes into it I had a hard time paying attention.

Gossip is information that is often be

Flat? Do you mean my voice?

exchanged because of its exciting and fun, even though it maybe not be true.

Yes, that’s part of it. there is very

Offering gossip is often entertaining but it can often be damaging.

passion almost like you were reading it. I’m sure you can do better.

Opinions are what people think and feel

Do you have any suggestions?

about something as it supposed to factual information. Factual information is

First, let me say I like the slidesthemselves. The designs were nice and easy to read. But one thing you didn’t dowas engage with the audience. You focus on your slides and didn’taddress your audience.

based on facts or evidence, but opinions are what people think or feel.

Oh, I was trying to but I guess I was too

They are too disorganized to get anything

nervous. I didn’t want to forget anything.

done on time.

You have a great smile. You need to show

To replace something means to out something

that smile and expressions when you present. Make eye contact.

else in its place.

When you present, I notice you always do

The opposite of construct is tear down.

that and your pause between ideas. But it seems so easy for you.

Opinions often differ, and when they do

For me, I look at the faces in the

people may argue.

audience. I watch their expressions. I really try to communicate with them.

Gossip is information that is often made up or exaggerated.

Once I do that, it comes naturally, because it becomes real communication.

The password to your bank account information is private

You seem to enjoy it.


Well, I’m always nervous too before I get

Many people make money byinvesting

started. But once I contact with the audience, I’m ok.

in public companies.

So contacting with the audience is the key.

Revealing confidential information may be illegal.

Focus on them and not me, right?

Gossip may hurt or embarrass the person being gossiped about.

Yes, well put. In fact, if you do that, you

L5 Unit 1-1 dialogue

will have to adjust your presentation. It has to flow like in a read

Is this the Ace service center?

conversation. We have to respond to each other. And the pauses are so that the

Yes, it is, Sir. May I help you?

presentation can breathe.

Yes, I’m calling to complaining about your

Hmm, it seems so obvious. But I’ve never


thought of it like that. That’s a great advice. I wish we had talked before my

Certainly, sir. I’m sorry to hear that. Let


me see if that’s something I can do to help you. Please tell me what happened.

If we had, you may not have been open like

I order a new washing machine at new

you are now. anyway, I’m sure your next presentation will improve. It takes

website. It was more than a week ago.

practice like anything. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Before you go on, may I have your order

No, I won’t. But next time I will do better

number please?

and I hope you there.

Sure, it’s abc1005.

OK, well, let’s get back to work.

And may I have the last 4digitsof your social security number?

Unit 3-1 Reading 化石能源和哲学悖论

I don’t have a social security number. I’manillegal alien.

Depletionof fossil fuels

Very funny, sir. Ok, then. What’s your

A number of scientists are emphasizing the

first pet’s name?

tremendous challenges that will soon be faced when the depletion of fossil fuel

Mr. Kidi.

supplies coincides with(恰逢) an alarming increase in the

OK, I see your all information. Now, what’s

global population. They highlight agriculture which is heavily dependent not

your problem?

亚洲城88,only on gasoline to fuel machinery, but also on the petrochemicals necessary to

I ordered a new washing machine and paidfor it. Then I chose the delivery date fora

manufacture synthetic(合成的) fertilizers and pesticides.

set ofchoices. It was supposed to be delivered today, but it’s still nothere.

Without these petrochemicals, crop yields would be only a fraction of what they

Did anyone contact you?

are today. To assume that an abundant source of renewable energy will address

No, I haven’t received messages.

this challenge is to ignore the vital non-fuel uses of petrochemicals.

I’m sorry to hear that sir.

Then there is the challenge posed to the current

I see here that the washing machine you

levels of mobility. As a fuel, gasoline is unrivalled(无敌的) in its portability. Electricity requires bulky batteries andhydrogen is notoriously difficult to store. Biofuels might seem like analternative, but the energy consumed when converting corn intobioethanol, for instance, greatlyexceeds the output when the fuel is utilized. In any case, once we reach acrisis in the food supply, it will not make sense to divert food crops to otheruses.

ordered hasn’t arrived in our warehouse(仓库) yet. It can

Although there seems to be awidespread beliefthat the era of oildependency is coming to an end due to some technological remedy(补救方法), this may be mistaken. Relying on such anassumptioncan lead tocomplacency(自满) anda failure totakeprecautions(预防措施). Experts may not be able to come up with solution that can lead to

be delivered until next week.

a pain-free transition. Scientists warn that relying on alternative resources

You don’t even have it yet? Why haven’t I beennotified. Itook time off from work to be at home today.

might only support half of the global population. The absence of realistic

You should have been notified by phone or

alternative to fossil fuels will mean that the first priority will be to curb


the demand for food.

I wasn’t. I haven’t received anynotification. This is very upsetting.

Petrochemicals are used to manufacture

I understand, sir. I’m really sorry for

pesticides, which are good for agriculture.


Themeaning of catch 22

Being sorry isn’t enough. I’m really upset.

One of the most interesting books of the 20thcentury was the novel, Catch 22. In the novel, the term has nothing to do withcatching anything. It has a much deeper meaning, and it describes a kind oflogical conundrum(难题) that’s worth exploring.

This is no way to do business.

First, it’s important to put the phrase

Yes, sir, I understand.

into context. In the novel, a group of American bomber pilots is on an island

I can send you a 50-dollar gift coupon as a

in the Mediterranean. They face death almost every day when they fly their

way to express our appreciation for your patience.

bombing missions. Many have already lost their lives; the remaining pilots know

I don’t care about the money. I don’t blame

that it is only a matter of the time before they will be the next victims.

you of course but I want you to know how disappointed that I am with Ace. I expected

One of the characters in the novel is a

much better service.

doctor. It is his job to see that the pilots are fit to fly. In particular,

I’m really sorry, sir. Is that anything

there is rule that says he has to ground anyone who is crazy. To ground them

else that I can do for you?

means to remove them from active duty so that they don’t fly.

Yes, that is. I’d like to cancel the order

Some of the men believed in the principles

and get a refund.

they were fighting for. They were willing to give their lives for their

I’m sorry to hear that, sir. But Iunderstand.I’ll see to it thatyou getyour refund.

country. But to others, this was crazy. They thought the whole thing was


insane. One of them, Yossarian, wanted out. He was friends with the doctor, and

long will it take before I get the refund?

he wanted the doctor to ground him.

You should see the credit on your next

When Yossarian asked the doctor to ground

month’s credit card billing statement.

him, the doctor replied: “you’re wasting your time, you’re not crazy”.

Thanks for your help.

Yossarian told him to ask one of the other

You are welcome sir and once again, please

pilots, Clevinger, to tell him how crazy he was. “There is no point. He’s

accept my apologies.

crazy.” The doctor replied.” Crazy people can’t decide whether you are crazy or

L5 Unit 1-2 Listening


Jessica’s 20-year class reunion was held ata fancy hotel. When she arrived, she wasn’t sure she was in the right place. Atfirst, she didn’t recognize anyone. She felt a bit awkward and out of place.But it wasn’t before a strange man came up

“Clevinger isn’t crazy! he’s one of the

to her. He was already losing his hear and he was wearingthick glasses(深度眼镜). Don’t you remember me? He asked. When he said who he was, shebarely remembered him, especially he has changed so much. Then he told her thathe had alwayshad crush on her. Hesaid she looked beautiful and he immediately took aselfieof them, with his armtight

sanest pilots here.”

around her waist. This made her felt a bit strange. She smiled at him andpretended to be happy to see him. But in fact, she was sure how to react,thought he seemed nice. She finally excused herself and went to the ladies’ room.She was beginning to regret to having come to the reunion. She had always beenshy and she still was. When she returned to the party, Sharon invited her tosit at her table. Dinner was going to be served soon and some of the classmateswere going to give speeches. Sharon next was also got to say a few words toobecause people were curious. This was a surprise. Jessica had never been verypopular and she didn’t think anyone had noticed her. She had always felt likean outsider, with only a couple of close friends. Still, she had been one ofthe best students and people remembered her.As the evening wore on, Jessica began to really enjoy herself. Shetold to her old friends and was amazed by how some others had changed.

“So he’s obviously out of his head,” said

For example, Tom used to be good lookingand athletic. He was one of the most popular students, and star basketballplayer. His one problem was math. He had had hard time in math especially ingeometric. This is because he wasn’t alogical thinker.Except for basketball,

the Doc. “He’s got to be close calls he’s had.”

he didn’t want to do anything, unless it was easy. Tom was no longer goodlooking. His nosewhich hadalwaysbeen large, had grown even larger. He had alsogained a lot of weight. His wife had left him so for the first timeand ever, he was lone. He looked lonely and depressed, not at all like he usedto be.

“well, if he’s crazy, why don’t you ground

Steve was a nobody in middle school. Peoplehardly noticed him. He was small, quiet and a bit ugly withcrooked teeth. What he was good at wasEnglish. His English was even better than their teachers. After graduating, hewent to low rent university and eventually dropped out. For a while, he workedas a tour guide. Then, 10 years ago, he and some friends started a littlecompany which is now a great success. In fact, he had become a rich, generousman. He had a nice warm smile and his success hadn’tgone to his head(冲昏头脑). It was a pleasure


to be around him.

“I can’t unless he asks to be grounded.

Betty used to be the most beautiful girl inschool. She wasn’t very smart but she was a great singer. She made a video ofher singing andit went viral. Shebecame famous overnight but it only lasted for about 2 years. After that, herfans lostinterested inher. Shetried to become an actress, but she failed. She has been too stiff and nervousin front of the camera. Betty has a nice husband who seems toadopther. The one tragedy in her lifehappened about 5 years ago when she lost her daughtertoa rareform of cancer.Because of that, her hair had begun to turn grey. Jessicacouldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Betty had had suchhigh hope intremendousenergy as a girl, but things didn’t work out.

That’s part of the rule.”

And then there was John. John used to bethe schoolbully. He had been big,strong and mean. He hadn’t been nice to anybody. It seemed that he was alwaysangry and ready to hit someone. After graduating, he joined the army and wentoverseas to fight to a war. His saw many people died andhe grew to hate fighting of any kind. Then one day, he was nearlykilled whena helicopter he was inwas shut down. He survived the crash(事故) but he lost aleg and washospitalizedfor nearlya year. Now he had completely changed. He hadgentle, kind eyes and beautiful smile. He wasworking foran organization that provides support to elderlypeople. From Jessica’s point of view, johnhad

“So all he has to do is ask?”

turned out to bea wonderful surprise. In the end, Jessica wasgladshe went to her reunion. It wasinteresting to see how people had changed through these years. Still, she washappy to get home and appreciate everything that she had.

“no, then I can’t ground him.”

go viral 像病毒一样传播开来

“So there is a catch,” said Yossarian,

be prepare for 为…作准备

trying to get things straight.

L5 Unit 1-2 vocabulary

“Sure, there’s a catch,” said the Doc, with

A broken heart is what happens when a loverelationship is broken off. Someonewith the broken heart is usually depressed which means they feel awful anddon’t enjoy life.

a slight smile. “Catch 22. If he asks, then he can’t be crazy. Only those who

To fall in love with someone can be awonderful experience, with powerful emotions. People in love often share theirdeepest feelings and emotions, which isintimacy(n.亲密;亲近;亲昵的言行;性行为).

are crazy are grounded.”

To find someone attractive usually meansthere is a physical desire to be with him. Physical attraction may sometimelead to love. But in many cases, it may only lead to a short term sexualrelationship. 

“there’s some catch,” observed Yossarian.

Toflirt(调情) with someone means tolet

“it’s the best there is, ”the Doc replied.

him or her knowthat you want to be approached. Some people use their eyesor smile to flirt.

Unit 3-2

Jealousy is what often happens when two people compete for the love of the same person. The one who loses may be

listening 流行病

very jealous of the other and tries to break things up.

Despite advances in technology, one of the

Rivals insult 辱骂

biggest threats to human survival comes from primitive(原始的) lifeforms. Infectious diseases are caused by microorganisms, suchasbacteria, virus and parasites(寄生物). These organisms have no access to education or technology, buttheypresenta huge challenge tohumanity. That’s because they are adaptable. Just as adaptability has helpedhumans survive, it makes it more difficult to control infectious diseases. Asconditions change, the organism whichcausedthese diseasesadaptand becomestronger. There are several kinds of infectious diseases.

Feelings of jealousy may last for a long

Bacterial infections such as pneumonia(肺炎), are caused by bacteria. these infections can be treated byantibiotics(抗生素),which kill the bacteria.viralinfections are caused by virus, such as theinfluenzavirus. These can sometimes be treated by vaccines, suchas flu vaccines. An example of parasitic(寄生虫的)

time and can destroy friendship.

infection is malaria(疟疾). Malaria is caused byparasitestransmitted tohumans byinfected mosquitoes. Once inside the body, the parasites can be difficult tokill or control. And also, these parasites are also adaptable.

Some people can remain calm even when

How serious are infectious diseases. Considered

everyone else is confused and upset. When you are calm, you can think clearly

what happened in 1918, the influenza pandemic(流行病). Itstarted in the fall of 1918with what

and make good decisions.

seemed to be somethingno more serious than a common cold. In the next 2years however, it infected a fifth of the world’s population. In fact,it turned out to bethe most deadlyepidemic in history, killing between 20 and 40 million people. The influenzavirus that caused it was much stronger than previous influenza viruses. Itsmolarityrate was 2 and ahalf percent compared to a point 1 percent in previous epidemic viruses. Itsstuck quickly with no mercy, sometime killing people within hours. School andbusiness closed in many places, and people wore masks to prevent thetransmission of the virus through the air.What was unusual about this pandemic was thatit was most deadly forpeople age 20 to 40, rather than the elderlyand young children.

People react to disappointing news in

Now a century later, we have flu vaccinesthat have reduced the severity of the epidemics. These vaccines needed to beupdated every year because the virus changes and new strange immerge. What researchersfear is that a new strangewill developand causeanother pandemic. Once anoutbreak occurs, transmission of the disease will be even faster than thebefore. An unattempt consequence of our improved transportation system will bethe speed in which an epidemic can spread. Experts predict that the publichealth systems will be overwhelmed andunable

different ways. Sometimes they get discouraged and lose their confidence.

to react quickly enough. So the best defense will be to prevent an outbreakfrom occurring. This will require global cooperation and the sharing of data.It may alsorequire changes inhowhumansinteract withanimals.Animals such as birds and pigs carry viruses that may mutate(变异、突变) into a strain(一株) that can infect humans.Such a new straincould lead toanother pandemicwell beforea newvaccine could be developed. Since diseases epidemic don’t stop at nationalboarders, this is a global issue requiring a global action. The threat of aglobal epidemic isanother example of

Sometimes they get depressed and began to cry or even get drunk.

whywe must learn tolivetogether.

People arefuriouswhen they are inextremelyangry. People whoare furious ateach other maybe end up fighting or trying to hurt each other.

Unit 3-2 dialogue 子女教育方式

To be excited is usually a good thing.

You know, my husband and I are havinga terrific fight overhow to rise ourson.

People can become excited while watching a soccer match and seeing their team

What about?

score a goal. The opposite of exciting is doll or boring.

He’s only 4 years old.

Someone is terrified if they are extremelyafraid and shaking with fear. Terrified people will often scream andrun away from whatever is threatening them.

My husband I’m putting too much pressure on

Being in love can blind you from seeing things as they really are.

him. He thinks it’s wrong thing to do.

The emotions of love have inspired poets

I wouldn’t know. I’ve not even married yet.

throughout history.

That’s my problem. I wish I had a husband to disagree with.

L5 Unit 1-2 dialogue

Well, he thinks it’s important for kids tohave time to bebored.

What are you so exciting about?


Have you heard? John and Sylvia are getting

Yes, he really said that. Can you believe

a divorce.


No, I haven’t. But I’m not surprised. To be

Why did he think so? Did he have time to be

honest, I never expected their marriage to last for very long. She is so

bored when he was a boy.

aggressive and bossy(专横的) .

Well, he grew up in the countryside. He

Well, I think John has an affair. He met

said he had to find things for himself to do. He feel sorry for his kids these

someone on the business trip.

day because their days were so structured.

Really, how did you find that out.

Hmm, I see it’s point. But things have

Sherry told me a few minutes ago.

changed a lot since he was a boy.

Oh, Sherry. She is such a gossip. I

That’s exactly what I told him. Then he

wouldn’t believe anything she says.

started to get angry.

No, really. This time I think we can trusther.I don’t think she’s making it up.

That doesn’t sound like him. He’s usually

Wow, this is news. What about their baby?

so calm and reserved. In fact, I can’t ever remember he and his express in

I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything


about that.

Well, the other day our boy said he didn’t

Well, that’s too bad. Even though I don’tlikeeither one of them, I feelsorry for them. It’s so bad when this happens especially for the child.

like one of our teachers. It’s a English teacher. And then that got my

Yeah, right. It’s easy tofall forthe gossip and forget to thinkabout the serious consequences.

husband’s attention.

Still, I can’t sense surprised. Can youimaginelivingwith someone likethat?

What happened?

No, I can’t. She is so self-center.

He got angry and he said hewasn’t happywith all the emphasison English and math. He said I should findsome places for our boyto do more ofwhat he wants to do. He said he’d find the class the teacher who encourageskids to explore things.

And what about him?

That sounds a bit idealistic.

I don’t know him well but he seems nice.

That’s what I told him.

I think so too. I’m not sure how he ever felt for her.

Then he said it’s important to learnhow to be independentand not alwaysdepend on being told what to do. Hesaid that can develop creativity and thelove

Are you kidding? Hormones(荷尔蒙),You had to admit that she is physically attractive. He probably

of learning.

couldn’t help himself. And now he seems to have fell in love with someone else.

Certainly. What happens when heis behind ofother kids in school?won’t he be discouraged?

I guess he can’t control himself. I’ve

He said he wanted the boy to deal with it

heard he had a drinking problem too.

and see what happens.


Some people are more competitive and somearen’t. 

wasn’t aware of that.Well, what’s new, right? Something’s never changed.

Anyway, it’s an interesting point of view.

That’s for sure. Hey, what about lunch?

It may work for some kids and not for others. What about your boy? What do you

No, thanks. I’d better to get back to work.


L5 Unit 1-3 Listening

He has a good imagination. sometimes he

Emma’s best is a small but growing healthfood company. It was started in 1995, by a marriage couple who were tired ofworking for large companies. The two founders were Ed and Emma smith, bothhealth-consciousvegetarians. Despitethe risks, Ed, Emma wanted to start their own business. He knew it would behard work but they were determined to try. Their plan was to create a businessthat provided healthy food to busy people. They wanted they could be somethingthey could be proud of. When they started their business, organic food wasbecoming more popular. People were becoming more food-conscious and worriedabout food safety. In fact, people were willing to pay higher prices for foodthatwas free of harmful chemicals.In addition, an increasing number of people have little time to go shopping andcook at home. They wanted the meals that were healthy but easy to prepare.There were very few frozen meals available at the time and none of them werevegetarian or organic. There was a gap in the market. Ed and Emma immediatelysaw the opportunity and launched their first product.It was a frozen pasta meal(速冻面食餐)with a mix of vegetable and delicious cream

talks oneself that he really likes music and dancing. He has a lot of energy.

sauce.The market responded with enthusiastic

Sometimes it’s exhausting to be around him.

and profitable beyond expectation. Their product was an instant success. Totheir surprise, it was soon being eaten by millions of people, not only forvegetarians who were interested in organic foods. It was being brought becauseit was easy to prepare and it tasted good. And of course, it was healthy.

I guess if I were you, I just give him a

Other products followed in rapid succession. As a result, at the end of 5 years,the company was producing over 100 frozen meals. Since then, they haveincreased the number of mealsover 150,including pizzas, sandwiches andsnacks.Their foods are carried by natural food stores and supermarkets throughoutNorth America. Although they had expanded their production facilities andincreased the number of employees, they had remained the previous company. Theyenjoyedthe fact thatthe they arefamily-owned business,sensitive to the

lot of choices and see what he is interested taking in. and he needs a place

needs of their customers. They don’t have to worry about pleasingshareholders. Rather than payingdividendto the shareholders, Emma’s best has a perfect sharing plan to benefits itsemployees. Bonuses and salary increases keep employees happy and motivate themto work hard. As a result, employer turnover is low and the company has beenrecognized as one of the best companies to work for. In addition, Emma’s bestsupports local charities, especially those that provide health foods tochildren from low-income families. Given its success, the companyfeels an obligationto contribute to society.In spite of the fact that other company now produce similar products, Emma’s bestremains the market leader. Their totallycommitment

where he can use all that energy.

to qualityhasmade the differenceand they are proud of their accomplishments.

Yes, that’s what my husband wants to do. Ijust get nervous because all his friends are taking classes. I don’t him tofall behind.

Commitment 承诺,许诺;委任

I don’t know what to say. Maybe you do some

L5 Unit 1-3 vocabulary

researches and what others advise. I’m sure you are not the only one facing

People are often nervous or apprehensivebefore performing in front of an audience. People who are really nervous mayfeeltensewhich is the opposite ofthe relaxed.

this problem.

Someone who strongly believes in their

At least your husband is taking an

ability to do something is often confident. The best way of build confidence is


to practice what you’re going to do until you can do it with ease.

If I ever get married, I hope my husband

To be indifferent means to not care one way

will be as involved as yours. But he has to help you with this and just

or the other about something. If you are indifferent to a person or project, it


means that the person or project isn’t important to you.

Yes, that’s what we are fighting about. I

To beappreciativeis to be thankful or grateful for something. If someone does something nice foryou, you should appreciate it.

can’t be expected to do this on my own.

To be depressed is the opposite of to be happy. When someone is depressed, they

You have to do this together.

feel very sad.

Good luck. And wish me luck in finding a

Aggressive people often push their only

husband, ok.

ideas or try to force others follow them. Someone who is passive will usually not resist that of others.

Unit 3-2 Reading Wi-Fi诞生和人工智能

An optimistic person believes in a positive

HedyLamarr a Hollywood star and mother of Wi-Fi

future. Optimists see a glass of half full rather than half empty. The opposite

Hedy Lamarr was born Hedwig Eva Naria

of an optimist is a pessimist.

Kiesler in 1914 in Vienna, Austria. By the time she was a teenager, she had

Sensitive people are emotional and have

decided to drop out of school and seek fame as an actress. She first appeared

strong feelings about things. It’s important to be careful when dealing with

in a German film in 1930. She was attractive and talented enough to be in three

sensitive people because it’s easy to upset them. Insensitive people don’t seem

more films in 1931, but it was her controversial film “Ecstasy”(入迷) that brought her worldwide fame as an actress.

to be aware of or care about the feeling of others.

In 1937 she fled from her country and

A mean person doesn’t treat other people

secretly moved to Hollywood, where she reinvented herself. She changed her name

well or with kindness. Mean people often enjoy making people suffer for their

to Hedy Lamarr, with the nick name” the most beautiful woman in films”.

mistakes. To be kind is the opposite of to be mean.

However, Lamarr defied(挑战) the leading-lady stereotype

Conceited(自负的)people have very high opinion ofthemselves. They often talk about how great they are and tend toexaggeratetheir strengths. Modestpeople don’t show off their strengths but they’re often very good at what theydo.

by also pursuing an interest in mathematics and engineering. She soon took up

L5 Unit 1-3 dialogue

inventing. Her earliest inventions included an improved traffic stoplight and a

Ace industry, may I help you? This is Sue Mitchell

tablet that would dissolve in water to create a carbonated drink(碳酸饮料).


With the ongoing world war, Lamarr was

Hi, Sue, this is Ben Wong of Joblink.

inspired to contribute the war effort. She designed a radio guidance system for

Oh, hi, Ben, how are you? I’ve been

torpedoes(鱼雷). With the help of composer(作曲家) George Antheil, whom she met in 1940, she discovered a way to

expecting your call.

break up signals and transmit them over different frequencies. Using a method

I’m sorry to be late. I’ve been traveling.

similar to the way player piano work, they designed a frequency-hopping system(跳频系统) that would continually change the radio signals sent to a torpedo.

It seems like everyone is traveling these

While others, including Nikola Tesla, had explored similar ideas of frequency


hopping, Lamarr and Antheil obtained a patent for their invention in 1942 for

That’s for sure. I’m away more than I’m

what would become known as spread-spectrum(扩频)

here. Anyway, I’m calling to see if we can arrange a meeting.


Good, there were several matters I’d like

Although the US Navy did not adopt the

to discuss with you.

technology during the war, it was used during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Sure, will later this week be possible?

For decades Lamarr’s technology remained behind the scenes, but ultimately it

Let me see. According to my schedule, I’ll

led to the creation of today’s spread-spectrum communication technology, such

have something Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

as Wi-Fi networks, mobile phones, GPS and Bluetooth technologies.

How long do you think we will need?

Lamarr and Antheil eventually receivedseveral awards for their lifetime creative achievements that contributed somuch to society. They wereinducted(就任;授予) into the national investors Hall of

I think an hour should be enough.

Fame in 2014, after her death in 2000.

That should be fine. Would Thursday at 3:30

The challengeof AI

work for you?

The internet and smartphones have changedthe world and how we relate to each other. Instead of meeting in person, weincreasinglyinterface throughhandheld devices. In a sense, real people are being removed, replaced bytechnology and virtual friends. Some people even say that they prefer toconfide in(信任)

Yes, that’s fine. Ok, I’m looking forward

their virtual friends rather than their real friends!

to seeing you at 3:30 at Thursday.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is another

Right, see you then and thanks.

technology that is highly disruptive(破坏的). With AI,

You are welcome, Ben. Take care.

smartphone are other devices will have even more capabilities. They will be

Hi, sue, I’m sorry but something urge has

able to converse with us and tell us jokes. They may even become personal

come up so I’d like to change the time for our meeting on Thursday.

tutors. They will know what kind of problems we have, our preferences, and any

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What about

content we want to learn or practice, they will be able to adapt to our needs

Friday morning?

and be available at any time. And all this will be at less cost than using a

That should work. How early?


I’m usually here by 9 o’clock. Could you be

In fact, the substitution(替换) of AIs for human labor has

here by then?

the potential to transform our world. Experts warn that smart machines may

Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem.

cause widespread unemployment. Many works will become redundant(多余的), replaced by machines that can perform cognitive tasks better than

Ok, Friday at 9 o’clock.

people. An even greater danger is that they will develop personalities and

Once again, sorry for the last minute

become more interesting than people. Work us already underway(起步的) to produce AI companions for lonely people.


Are these development something to worry

L5 Unit 1-4 Listening

about or something to welcome? How are they different than developments in the

There are many mysteries in nature.Mysteries are things we don’t understand, such as how the Egyptian pyramidswere built. In fact, we are surrounded by mysteries. What we know about theworld, seems like very little. Scientists tell us that what we see in theuniverse is only a small part of what is there. The rest is invisible,including dark matter and dark energy. These two unknownsmade uparound 95% of the universe. Evidence for their existencecomes from their effects on what we can observe, such as the motion andpositions of the distant galaxies. Yet thought we know very little, we are ableto build airplanes and communicate with smartphones. In some ways, we humansare very smart or at least we think we are. We still need to face big issues,like climate change and that’s going to be a huge challenge. Thechallenge forhumans will be ourabilities toadapt toour chancingenvironment.

past, such as the industrial revolution? Cars replaced horses; machines and

What about other form of life? How did theyadapt? Seasonalvariations,forexample, can be one of the greatest challenges for animals to overcome.Overcoming such challenges will be a great achievement but hardly easy. Somebirds migrate thousands of kilometers each year, to deal with seasonal changes.These migrations are amazing. Birds don’t carry maps orcompassesyet they know where to go. They had developed theirabilities to see the earth magnetic field. This ability is a wonder of nature.It takes advantage of the factthat theearth is like a huge bar magnet. It has north polar, which is positive andsouth polar, which is negative.Somehowthe birds are able to see this magnetic field and use it to their advantage.And even the way birds flying together is amazing. Some migrating birds fly in aV formation.They do this toconserve energy. In a V formation, birds can use the energy of the birds infront of them. These energy comes from the air currents, generated by thewings. Conserving energyis necessary forthe birds to survivein long journey. Who did the birds know this? It’s truly amazing how the birdsknow this.

industrial robots replaced factory workers.

Another amazing example of survive animalis theSalmon. Salmon spent most oftheir lives in the ocean which is salty water. Yet, when it’s time to breed,they do so in fresh water rivers. Salmon can adapt their bodies to survive inboth saltwater and freshwater. When it’s breeding time, they returned to thesame water where they were born. It seems as if they had built-in map thatguides them for a hundred of miles. Once they left the salt water, they don’teat. They are determined to finish their journeydespite of many obstacles. They swam against the strong currents,jump over the waterfalls and try to escape theclawsof hungry bears. Many die along the way but enough of themsurvive to breed and reproduce the next generation. Once they had lay theireggs, they die, having completed their journey. It seems that their purpose inlife is just to reproduce. Migration takes the animals to new, more favorableenvironments when seasons change. Some of these journeys are long and dangerousalong around not obvious landmarks. The longest migration is that ofa tern. It flies from polar to polar,twice a year. If aternachieves itsaveragelifespanof 20 years, thedistance it has flown will be equivalent to a journey to the moon and back. Humansalso migrate but seldom if ever for seasonal variations. fortunately, human migrationsare often due to human activities. Since the beginning of the 21st century,large scale migrations had become a global problem. Millions of migrates hadhad to leave their countries and look for new homes. Many have died along theway or left these refugees in camps until they are admitted into a new country.So the question remains as to how our

Since the shift to AI is inevitable, the

global communities will face these challenges.

challenge for policy makers will be to help existing workers acquire new

L5 Unit 1-4 vocabulary

skills. Future generations must be prepared for a workplace populated by AIs

To criticize someone is to point out their

that will continue to develop and take on new tasks. Are we up to the task?

false or mistakes. Some people appreciate constructive criticism, which can

Unit 3-3

help them develop their skills.

listening 斯坦福监狱实验

To praise someone is to let them know they

In 1971, psychologist created one of themost important experiment in psychology. The experiment known as the Stanfordprison experiment, look at the impact of situation in human behavior. Theresearchers, led by Philip Zimbardo, wanted to know how situations could affecthow people behave. In participle, we wanted to know if good people would changetheir personalities and lose their values. In the experiment, participants weredivided into 2 groups. One group became prison guards and the other groupbecame prisoninmates. Theexperiment was set up in Stanford university’s psychology building. A group of24 students was chosen to play the roles, 12 guards and 12 prisoners. Theparticipants came from a large group of volunteers who wanted to participate inpsychology experiment. Those who were chosen had no criminal background and hadno significant medical or psychological problems. They agreed to participate inthe experiment for 1 to 2 weeks’ period. The prisoners had to remain in prison24 hours a day during the experiment. Guards are * into 3 and were assigned towork in 8-hours shrifts. Unlike the prisoners, they were free to return theirhomes between shrifts. Hidden cameras and microphones were used to observe the prisonersand guards. The simulated(冒充的) prison included 3 small

have done a great job. Some people expected to be praised when they perform

prison cell, 6 feet by 9 feet. Each cell had 3 small beds and held 3 prisoners.


There was a closet that served as a solitary confinement room(禁闭室). This was used to isolate prisoners who needed to be punished forbad behavior. Guards were instructed not to physically harm the prisoners byany way. prisoners were to be addressed by assigned numbers and never by name.to prevent eye contact with the prisoners, guards wore mirror sunglasses. Thiswas done to dehumanize the relation between guards and prisoners. Though theexperiment was designed to last for 14 days, it had to stop after just 6thdays. It had to stop because what was happening to the participants. Theinteractions between the prisoners and guards had becomehostileanddegrading(有辱人格的). The guards had become aggressive and brutal and the prisonerswere passive and depressed. As a result, five of prisoners had to be releasedearly because of the severe negative emotions. Even the researchers wereaffected and they began to overlook what was happening. Instead ofhaltingthe experiment, they led itcontinue. They themselves, had become dehumanized by the situation he haddesigned. Finally, they realized the experiment had to be stopped.

To apologize to someone isto admit thatyou have done somethingwrong or hurtful. One way to apologize is to say you are sorry. If your apologyisn’t accepted, it means the person hasn’t forgiven you.

What the experiment demonstrated is the

To order people to do something means touse your power or positionto get them

powerful effect that situation can have on human behavior. Given a position of

to do it. Many people dislike being ordered to do things. In many cases,it’s better to make a request than order someone to do something.

power, human can begin to behave differently than they normally were. They can

To encourage someone is to support theirefforts and help build their confidence. A good teacher encourages students todo their best. To discourage someone is toget

become to behave in an aggressive manner while those with no power can became

awaytheir confidence.

passive and depressed. In other words, the experiment shows that situation can

There are many cycle in nature, such as the

cause abuse of behavior.

circles of seasons. A cycle is a series of events that repeat, such as the

There are some importantcriticisms of this experiment. Onecriticism was that it is an example ofunethicalresearch. It went on longer than it should have. It is also unrepresentativesince the participants were mostly white, middle-class, males. Despite thecriticism, the experiment remains an important study of human behavior. Recentexample of the Stanford effect may include the treatment of prisoners of war byAmerican soldiers in the Iraq War. Other possible examples including boiling inschool and gun behavior. According to the head researcher, *, it helps toexplain how ordinary people sometimes turn bullying evil. If situation doinfluence people behavior, then managing situations can be a way of controllingpeople.

daily cycle of light and dark.

The prisoners had to remain in prison fortheduration ofthe experiment.

To evolve means to change or improve over a

Unit 3-3

period of time. In biology, the series of evolution advanced life forms such as

dialogue 跳槽和忠诚

such as humans, have evolved from lower form of life.

Hi, what’s so urgent. When you message me,

A force of attraction brings two objects

you seemed really upset.

closer together, such as the force of gravity. A force of repulsion pushes two objects away from each other, such as the

Yes, i was. I was confused and I still am.

force between two electrons.

I need your advice. You’ve known me for a long time.

To transform means tochange from one form into another. A transformation occurs when anobjecttakes on(呈现) a new appearance or structure.

You are my best friend. So what did it?

To inherit something means to get it

I’ve been offered another job.

without having to ask or work for it. A child from a very rich family may

Oh, that’s usually a nice thing. So what’s

inherit a lot of money.

the problem?

The number of times a cycle repeats itself

The problem is that they are as stronger as

within a period of time is its frequency.


Gravity is a force of attraction between

Oh, you mean Beta Crop.

two objects with mass.

Right, there may be a great offer. More

L5 Unit 1-4 dialogue

than double than my present salary.

Excuse me, do you have a minute?

Ah, i see.So the dilemma you’re facing

I’m sorry, not right now. I’ll be free

is whether to take it or not. 

about in 15 minutes. Could you come back then?

Yes, that’s it exactly. It will be abetrayalof everyone I’ve been worked with for more than 10 years. It makes me sick toeven think about it. But I’m really tempted. It’s a lot of money.

No, I’m afraid we have an emergency

Look, I’ve known you since our student


days. If you took that job, you would be betraying yourself.

Can’t you handle it?

Yes, i know that. I’m with they hadn’t made

No, I think it will be best if you were

me such an offer.


Sowhy are you asking for advice? Ifi were to said it’s OK to take the job, will that give an excuse to take it?You otherwise have to live with yourself.

Ok, I’ll finish this call and be right with

Honestly, what would you do?


If i were in your situation, i wouldprobably feel the same way. And to be honest, i hope i would be able to staytrue to myself. I suppose if my family were very poor and in trouble, I’d betempted. But even then, to betray my friends andcolleagues, who would Ibe. It’s a real test of character. 

Ok, what’s it?

Yes, those are my thoughts. And I’m not

Kevin and Bob are shouting at each other

sure what my wife will think.

and it’s upsetting everyone.

Look, i know your wife. I think she will be

Oh, not again.

proud of you if you do the right thing.

Both two have got to grow up. Who started

Yes, she probably will. And in the end, I’mnot sure i can treat the *. they are a branch ofcutthroats. They haveno a*.


So i think the answer is clear.And one

I’m not sure but they were even pushing

more thing, i hope you can do the right thing even for me. We need thepeople to stand up and do the right thing. If you were to betray yourself, itwould discourage everyone who knows you. You have a lot of influence and peoplelook up to you. I don’t want tolose faith in humanity.

each other.

Thanks. That’s what i thought you would

Ok, this is unacceptable.You run on ahead and warn them that I’m


coming. I want them to calm down before I get there. Can you do that?

I would be disappointed if you thought i

Ok, I’ll do what I can to calm them down.

say anything different.

But you know Keven, he’s such a hard heart.

I will do the right thing whatever theconsequences. I know there will be people who will think ibeing a fool for

Ok, Keven, I’ve warned you before. This is

turning it down.

got to stop.

Yes, but there are the ones who matter.

Yes, I know. But Bob doesn’t cooperate.

Cheers! To you and saving the world. Ha

He’s impossible to work with.


Even so, you can’t go around pushing

Unit 3-3 Reading电影&数字科技

people. That’s no way to handle things.

Whateverhappened to character

If you weren’t doing such a good job, I’d

Media and technologies are reprogramming

have to let you go right now. Your behavior just isn’t acceptable.

the human brain, changing how we think and live in significant ways. Nobody

Yeah, I understand and I’m sorry. I just

really knows how this will affect the future, and few seems to care. The tendency

can’t stand working with him.

is to let it happen and go with the flow, despite warnings from some that all

I’m sure what to do. What were you do if

is not well. Nobody can stop progress. Still, it’s fun to reflect on changes to

you were me? Do you have any suggestions?

see what might be lost.

To be honest, if I were you, I wouldn’t

Looking back to classic movies andcomparing them with what we have today, we see many similarities. However,there are major differences. In particular, classic moviessucceeded with

have the two of us working in the same office. I know Bob has been with the

fewif any special effects. The camera focus more on faces and expressions,like in the movie Casablanca. Violent actions were seldom shown in gruesome(可怕的) detail but wereinferred(推断) from

company longer than I have but he’s doing a terrible job. When you are not

the situation. Storylines focus on character and personal; dilemmas. Much was

around, he just bully people. People are afraid of him.

left to imagination. And of course, sex was hinted at(暗示) , but never shown, except in seedy(破旧的)

Ok, I’ll look into(调查) a bit more. But you’ve got to promise me to keep cool and not let


this happen again.

Some of the best movies too place in a

Ok, I’ll try to handle things differently

single location, such as on a lifeboat or in a jury room. Would such movies

next time.

draw an audience today? Those movies depended on writers who could build drama

e s�����`E

into the interactions between characters who had psychology. It also required

audiences to have a similar interest, who could empathize and be moved. Do

those audiences exist today?

Flash forward to the present. So many

movies are filled with fast-moving special effects, explicit violence, and lots

of sex. We have become voyeurs(窥淫癖者), addicted to

getting thrills(兴奋感) through the experiences of others.

Subtle emotions? Psychological dilemmas? Or just plain escape! Of course, there

have always been escape movies - Bollywood movies with stars dancing in the

streets. It’s just the balance which has shifted.

Classical music and jazz players for more

than a few minutes. People concentrated and took time to enjoy and savor(品味) it. But now, immersed in media, there is no time. Experiences are

quick and shallow, measured by the number of likes. We flee into the noise,

perhaps to escape from ourselves.

What do you think? Or has it always been

this way?


The impact of technology is widespread andaccelerating. Experts predict that 90% of the world’s population will connectto the internet within 10 years or less.Evolving technology has become an

unstoppable force. Reshaping our societies, ignoring national borders, andinterconnectingeconomics. There doesn’tseem to be any way to control it. However, one fact is certain: our kids are atthe center of it. Today’s children are born into a digital world. They usetechnologies and media from the time they begin to walk.Sometimes they have

difficulty distinguishing between the virtual and the real worlds. In fact,children spend more time immersed in technology than they do with people,including their parents. It is estimated that they spend an average of hours aday in front of some sort of digital device.

With the ever increasing amount and flow of

information, digital proficiency(精通) may be the next

survival skill. Therefore, it is essential that children learn how to develop

that skill without losing themselves in the process. Guiding them is a

challenge we need to face.

First, we need to realize that with so much

exposure to content, there are both opportunities and dangers. What and when is

something appropriate for children, and at what age? Who decides? Media is so

pervasive and accessible, yet there is no consensus about what is suitable.

People have different perspectives, not only about content, but also about how

to govern access.

Governments must also decide what controls

are necessary. Policies must be put into place and standards set. Whatever the

decisions, the consequences will be enormous.

It seems naive to sit back and let children

make their own decisions and explore whatever captures their fancy. So

technology has presented us with a huge dilemma that will shape the future.

Without a doubt, it’s an issue that parents and governments will need to

address. Not only children need to develop a digital intelligence, but so do

each and every one of us.

Unit 3-4

listening 投资买房

John and Linda have been arguing aboutwhether to buy a house for a long time. They have been renting a small flat forseveral years and the rent keeps going up. Last year, John wasn’t sure abouthis job situation so they agreed to delay the decision. They also invested somemoney in the stock market and their investments are doing well. Linda reallywants to havea place of her own.She isgrowing impatientand doesn’twant to wait any longer. She wants to sell some of their investments andput the money intoa nice house. Johnis against buying now because he thinks prices are too high. He is also worriedabout the high cost of living in the area. This is beginning to make the arealess attractive in the companies. Unless a company isinnovativeand successful, itcan’t

afford todo business in that area. Salary levelshave risenso quickly that company canno longer afford toattract good workers. Good workers won’t comeunless they are paid enough to buy a house. So many companies are relocating ormoving oversees where costs are lower. John is worried that once companies startto leave, housing prices will calm down. Only fools are buying now, payingprices thatare probably 10 to 20%

higherthan they should be. He wants to buy when priceshave fallen to a more reasonable level.Until then, it doesn’t make sense to buy. Heremembers what happened inother countries just a few years agowhen prices climbed and then fell 15%. Many people lost homes because theyowe more on their homesthan the homeswould worth. When they lost their jobs, they couldn’t pay the mortgage. They couldn’tsell either, because theselling pricewas less than what they owed to the bank. So they had to move out and the banktook possession. Now the prices arerising again so the same thing could happen again. Acycle of boom and bustwhich people tend to forget.

Linda has a different view. She thinks he

worries too much. She thinks if they buy now, prices will continue to rise. If

they don’t buy now, they will miss the opportunities and regret it later. She

isn’t worried by the possibility that the prices may drop in the future.

Another reason John is against buying ahouse is he doesn’t have confidence in this new company. It’s no longer growingas fast as it used to. Though the management talks about the bright future, hehas doubts. They said great things to keep everyone motivated, but he doesn’tthem. When he does a SWOT analysis of the company, he is even more concerned.SWOT is a * for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The companystrength is based on technology that is very competitive. The technologychanges fast and what’s good now will soon be out of date. Continuousinnovation is necessary. The company’s weakness is that it hasn’t developed thealternative to what it has now. nobody is working at the next generation. Theyare alreadysignsthat theirtechnologyis nearing the end of its

life cycle. There are still opportunities if the company is will to hirenew people or acquire a company with new technology. The main threat is thatthe other companies are spending more on research and development. So based onhis analysis, the company is OK within for the next year or 2. But beyond that,its future is questionable. As a result, John doesn’t want to buy a house nowand take on a huge debt. Until he has more confidence in his situation, hedoesn’t want totake the risk. Hiswife thinks he’s tooconservative.She has waited long enough and she doesn’t want to wait any longer. So John’sdilemma is how to balancehis wife’shappinessagainstthe risk of losinga lot of money. One thing for sure now is that she isn’t happenas things stand now. she’s been waitingfor a long time and he loves her. So the decision seems clear. John knowsexactly what to do. Maybe some flowers andcelebration

Take step 采取步骤

Unit 3-4 dialogue 面试评估

Yes, I have been enjoying listening to you

and learning more about your background. Your experience is impressive and it’s

obvious that you could do good work.

Thanks, would you try to do interest in me?

I think there is a lot of potential. As I said, I ready to leave my present job

if the opportunity is attractive enough.

Great. as I’m sure you’re aware it won’t be

easy. That’s a lot of uncertainty. We need a strong, committed(忠诚的) team.

Sure, I understand.

As for what we can offer you, first, I want

to stress again that we are start-up. The people we have working here are on a reduced


I understand. I’m will to take less thanwhat I’m being paid now but I have 2 children. So I’ve got to consider thattoo. I need toat least cover our basis

living expenses. 

OK, we have 2 ways we can do this. Both of

them have you starting at a reduced salary. One will give you a bonus after

each round of financing. With the other, you can start with a higher salary but

the bonus will be smarter or none at all.

What’s the time for the financing?

That depends on a lot of things. We are

hoping to get next round financing with 6 to 9 months. We don’t want to go to

our investors because we want to be in a strong position. And for that, we are

only to perform. For now, we have enough cash to cover us for about 1 year.

OK, that makes sense. Well, I’ll talk towife andsee what she says.

Right. You need cover your expenses but not

enough * savings. The less you ask for now, the greater your bonuses as you

move forward. That’s the idea.

Got it. I will get back to you tomorrow.

Well, what do you think?

He’s impressive. I think he’s someone who

can strengthen our team.

I think so too. If he can accept a lowenough salary, we should hire him. That will show that he believes enough inour plan totake on the risk.


if he asks for more than we can afford? In thatcase, we cansee if he’ll considerto work on a short-term project first. That way, he could keep his present joband we could try to bring him in latter. That will lower his risk.

I doubt if he would consider that, but it’s

worth a try.

Yeah, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.Whatever, we shouldtry to avoid losinghim completely.

Well, I’m optimistic. I think he will

decide to join us. He’s the kind of guy who likes a challenge.

From I could tell, we certainly won’t havetopush him to get thingsdone.

Exactly. He will feel the pressure just

like the rest of us.

Unit 3-4 Reading科学帮助残疾人&投资

Technologyto make our lives better.

Paralyzed people can now control artificial

limbs by thought alone. This is because of the development of technologies

which involve connecting the brain to a computer or other electronic devices.

One well-known use of such technology enables deaf people to hear. The device

has several parts. One part is surgically implanted into the inner ear. There

it stimulates nerves to cause the sensation of sound. The other part sits

behind the ear works like a miniature(小型的) microphone.

Another new device allows those who havelost an arm or a leg to control their artificial limb just by thinking. Thefirst human volunteer to try out was Matt Nagel. Matt was paralyzedfrom the neck downdue toa vicious(邪恶的) knife attack.

The process of implanting the device into

Matt was quite involved. First, a circular piece of his skull was removed. Then

a tiny plate with hair-thin electrodes(电极) was inserted

into his brain. it was placed in the motor cortex(运动皮层),

the brain region that controls movement. This plate detects the electrical

signals in the brain that usually control hand movement. From the plate, thin

cables were connected to a small computer which decodes the signals from the

plate and converts them into commands. Hopefully, these commands would control

the artificial hand attached to Matt’s arm.

Shortly after the operation, Matt was

surrounded by the surgeons as he stared at his artificial hand with hope. To

the delight of the crowd, the hand started moving, and the fingers closed,

becoming a fist. At that moment Matt made history, he became the first person

to control an artificial limb by using a device surgically inserted into his


Since the operation, Nagel has continued to

test the technology and further investigate its capabilities. Using thought

alone, he can now perform a variety of tasks. He can control a TV and even open

emails. Such uses of technology are inspiring and bring joy to our hearts. It

is powerful evidence that technological advancements will improve our lives.


When people talk about investing, they are

always looking for the best advice. Many are willing to pay a lot for it. The

problem with this, however, is that many financial advisors give the wrong advice.

Ultimately, decisions must be made by investors. Here are some guidelines that

may help investors save a lot of money.

First, a key to successful investing is

time itself. What makes many investors rich is that they have invested over a

long time. This allows their investments to grow, even if they weren’t active

investors. Unfortunately, most people don’t start saving enough until it’s too

late. that lack of time limits the power of compounding(积累;混合). So the best advice is to start saving as soon as possible.

What about economic projections and

earnings growth estimates? The truth is, nobody knows. What they really reflect

are people’s feelings about the future. It’s interesting to note that someone

who buys a low-cost index fund on average does better than someone who invests

in an expensive fund managed by famous experts. With investing, simple and

basic can earn a bigger return than complex and expensive.

Sometimes the pros(从业者) don’t know what they are talking about. They just talk as if they do.

What about risk and volatility(波动)? One thing for sure

is that the stock market will fluctuate. Since 1900 one of the largest index

funds has returned about 6% per year. Compare that to average difference

between any year’s highest close and lowest close which is 23%. When an expert

tries to explain why the market is down, they are really trying to explain why

the sun goes up and down.

And finally, beware! The financial industry

is dominated by people whose only interest in your wealth is how much they can

charge you. Unfortunately, the louder a financial expert is, the more exposure

he will get even though he’s often wrong. This is one of the most important

things to know about finance. Don’t be misled by experts.

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